Nosara Tico Surf School Circa 2011

For a number of years this was the Nosara Tico Surf School located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rico,
Content is from the site's 2011 archived pages.

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One of  Costa Rica’s best kept secrets, Playa Nosara,  is a hidden paradise lying  55 kilometers southwest of Nicoya, in  Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula, and  266 kilometers west of the  capital, San Jose. Accessed through the road to  Samara, Playa Nosara  along with Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa  Ostional, make up the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, where every year  hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

Nosara's Local Surf School is a  locally owned and run  surf school. We offer private surf lessons with some of  Costa Rica's  best surfers. We teach complete beginners and help experienced  surfers  wanting to get to the next level. Maybe you're a natural, maybe your   not, either way you'll leave us knowing that you chose the best option.

Nosara Surf School is a very  reputable school in Nosara, Costa Rica. After years of honing their surf  coaching skills working for foreign owned surf schools in Costa Rica,  the local Nosara surfers decided to make things happen for themselves.  They made the brave decision to seek out investment and open the doors  to a new type of surfing experience.

The idea was to attract those with a genuine interest  in the Costa Rican culture and people. Nosara surf school is not only  about learning to surf and having fun in the ocean but also starting to  understand how to be part of a community of surfers.

Luigui’s friends look up to him as one of the most  talented surfers in the area. He is sponsored and competes on a national   level. His discipline and humility is tied to his ISA training. This  experience helped this Nosara native to be the dedicated competitor and  surf instructor he has become. Luigui’s commitment to be the best shine  through his experience and professionalism. Clients will enjoy his  enthusiasm for surfing and for life.

Esteban is a hardworking, friendly and kind person.  He is native of Nosara and spent his childhood on the Caribbean side of  Costa Rica, and then returned in 2002 and has since worked for several  surf schools in Playa Guiones, which has helped shape his career as a  professional surf instructor.

Esteban is trained by ISA (International Surfing Association).  He has a great desire to learn more about Jesus Christ every day.  He  enjoys reading the bible, nature, and spending time with his family.  He  is fulfilling his dream of having his own Surf School with his good  friend Luigui.

Adrian has been surfing the waves of Nosara for the  last 6 years and knows the break pretty well. He is a really dedicated  person in what he does and speaks good english. He loves to share great  surfing times with his students and is very kind and loyal. Being 100%  Tico, he is ready to share the experience of his country, and all the  wonders of Nosara as well.

Dimitri is a refugee from the tech world, having worked on big data projects in Silicon Valley for several years with a major data science consulting company. So this is a far cry from the world of geekdom and he's fine with his new found life where fun takes on a more significant and spiritual meaning for him. His buddies from the high tech world come to visit and we overhear chats about big data and DevOps, but none of it is foremost on anyone's mind once you ride the waves. Data science be damned!


One of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets, Playa Nosara,  is a hidden paradise lying 55 kilometers southwest of Nicoya, in  Guanacaste on the Nicoya Peninsula, and 266 kilometers west of the  capital, San Jose. Accessed through the road to Samara. Playa Nosara  along with Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Ostional, make up the  Ostional Wildlife Refuge, where every year hundreds of thousands of  Olive Ridley sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

Getting to Playa Nosara is actually  quite difficult, as there are no paved roads. The best way to reach  Nosara beach is to take a domestic flight from San Jose or Liberia to  Nosara Domestic Airport, and then rent a car, ATV, or four-wheel drive  truck. Since the village is roughly three miles from the coast, walking  to the beach is out of the question for most, as the dirt roads can get  rather difficult to cross. Tourists watching their budget in Playa  Nosara usually stay in Nosara village because many economical budget  hotels, resorts and accommodations can be found here. There are also a  number of restaurants and food stalls to be found all over the village.  However there are some very nice hotels & resorts just south of  Playa Nosara that overlook the beach.

Playa Nosara lies on a delta where  the Rio Nosara and the Rio Montana converge. Extending north from Punta  Nosara, this beautiful black sand beach offers visitors a fantastic  variety of flora and fauna, and is backed by a mangrove swamp. The  sunsets here are incredible as this beach offers tourists spectacular  vistas to enjoy. In the neighboring tropical forest, a large variety of  animals and birds can be seen, making this beach one of Costa Rica’s  most diverse ecological environments.

When in Playa Nosara, visit the  local fishermen to see them using age old fishing practices to catch  fish, and explore the nearby rivers in a kayak or canoe. For those who  enjoy a little adventure; ride horseback to the mountains close by or go  snorkeling in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can even go  for a swim in the sea or visit the lovely estuary only a short distance  away.

The rainy season lasts from May to November, and the  best time to visit Playa Nosara is from November to April. The surfing  here is pretty good along with the deep sea fishing for angler  enthusiasts. However, if you want to relax, take a trip to the Yoga  center in the village, or enjoy a day’s excursion to the Ostional  Wildlife Refuge.  Often confusing for visitors, the village of Nosara is  actually 6 kms inland, alongside the Rio Nosara, while most of the  hotels are situated on the beach. The village of Nosara is still a small  traditional Tico town with a few lodgings, supermarkets, typical  restaurants and the discotheque of Nosara. Right in the middle of the  village is the landing strip for daily flights to and from San José

While most of the Ticos live in the village of  Nosara, the beach area is predominantly made up of foreigners.  Nosara  offers a wealth of activities, from low-key nature exploring to  thrilling sports and adventure.  The Nosara Biological Reserve is a 50  hectare private nature reserve on the southern side of the Rio Nosara.  It is home to monkeys, coatis, armadillos, deer and wild cats. 270  different species of birds have been sighted, and you may even encounter  crocodiles in the mangroves. The entrance to the reserve is on the hill  beside the hotel Lagarta Lodge. From here you overlook the river  estuary and the shoreline as far as Playa Ostional. The entrance fee of $  6 is paid at the hotel and a trail map with information are included in  the charge.  In the early morning at 6:30 a.m. you can participate in a  guided tour of the reserve where you can learn about trees and plants  of the tropical dry forest, one of the world's rarest habitats.   Surfing: The best surf spots are Playa Guiones and Playa Nosara. Nosara  Tico Surf offer different surfing packages.


Nosara Tico Surf School offers  private and group surf lessons with some of Costa Rica's best surfers.  Our lessons are taught using steps, starting by teaching you how to find  and analyze the right conditions depending of your skill level, then  learning fast and easy in a safe environment, and finally, by building  your confidence in this new sport. Our goal is to get you started  catching waves on your own.

When you're surfing with us you're sharing a new culture and also  developing new surf skills at the same time we guarantee you will have  the most fun experience in this tropical paradise.

All of our instructors are 100 % ticos and bilingual, Nosara Tico Surf School is the certifies by ISA (International Surf Association) & RLSS (Royal Lifeguard & Lifesaving Society)

Your First surf lesson

We select and provide the right board and conditions for you.
 Increase your confidence in small white water waves
Step by step instruction on land and ocean safety with continuous feedback

Groups and Private Lessons

Group Lessons: Surfing  is more fun when there are  few of you together (family or friends) but instructions are provided to each student separate,depending on  their skills. Private Lessons: directed  to those of you who prefer to get more specific feedback or if you are a more experienced surfer looking for more detailed pointers.



Let us create the perfect package specifically tailored to your needs.




This package has to offer a lot of action and fun.

Nosara is waiting to show its beautiful nature and the warm friendship of its people
Enjoying the sea and sun in the morning we will share fun surfing lessons, where we get the most out of your time . The  local trainers are willing to share our culture and knowledge of the area and especially his knowledge in the sport of surfing, remember that we are not here just to surf we have also prepared a series of activities to bring into action .. A delicious massage after a long sunny day, or perhaps a good Yoga class will take you to a state of relaxation and peace, and will also be able to enjoy some of the local tours that Nosara has for you, You Will be able to enjoy of our good food and excellent local drinks from restaurants of the area, This set of activities will give a better routine to your vacations.. Come and enjoy with us and share a good time in COSTA RICA.




Round Trip Transfers from Liberia-Nosara-San jose-Nosara and Nosara-Airport of Departure.
(6) Days of Accommodation including Breakfast , at the Harmony Hotel or Harbor Reef Hotel (Must choose)
(2) Daily Surfing Lessons includes all equipment for 5 days (max 3 students per 1 instructor)
(2) hours of body massage divided into two sections during your stay
(2) Survival Spanish classes
Local Tour (Miss Sky Canopy Tour) waterfalls (seasonal)


Lodging: Harbor Reef Hotel or The Harmony Hotel Nosara Transport (Airport – Nosara) (Nosara-Airport) / Nature Air or Shuttle Van
Car Rentals (Economy)
Local Tours (Waterfalls ¨La Mala Noche¨, Atvs, ¨Ostional¨ Tourtles, Deep Sea Fishing and Canopy tours ¨Miss Sky¨)





NosaraTico package has the perfect combination

Surfing the tropical waters of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica with local trainers nosara community, willing to teach and get the most out of the surf lessons and Anything better after surf a body massage to relax your muscles and take you to a state of relaxation, Jessy as she is known by the locals is one of the best surfers and attractive girls in the area offers a variety of quality massages.

Even better to start the day with some yoga or Pilates with one of the best yoga and ¨Pilates¨ teachers in the community to the maximum relaxation and the perfect exercise for better performance in the surf.

Come enjoy the beach and be part of the great family of Surf, Nosara is a place for enjoyment and relaxation...



(2) Daily Surfing Lessons includes all equipment for 5 days (max 3 students per 1 instructor)
Round Trip transfer (Transport from Airport –Liberia-Nosara San Jose-Nosara)
    Shutlle Van and Nosara to Airport of Departure.
(6) Days of Accommodation including breakfast at The Harmony Hotel or Harbor Reef
    (Must Choose)
(3) hours of body massage divided into three sections during your stay
(4) Yoga classes (or you can exchange it for 4 classes of Pilates)


Lodging: Harbor Reef Hotel or The Harmony Hotel Nosara
Trasnport (Airport – Nosara) (Nosara-Airport) / Nature Air or Shuttle Van
Car Rentals (Economy)
Local Tours (Waterfalls ¨La Mala Noche¨, Atvs, ¨Ostional¨ Tourtles, Deep Sea Fishing and Canopy tours ¨Miss Sky¨)




We know there are people who likes to combine a little during the time of vacation so we designed a package that allows them to enjoy more of their Free time.

We have chosen one of the most beautiful places of Costa Rica's Arenal Volcano the most active volcano in our country where you can appreciate nature at its best will also be able to enjoy many attractions this beautiful area of our country has for you.... And if you've never been able to observe a volcano in action, prepare to be part of a show like no other....

After a tour of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range Scripts We will go to Playa Nosara, where a beautiful paradise of beach, sun and sand awaits you ready to begin your outstanding surf lessons from one of the major activities of area Nosara.

Our instructors are ready to share and enjoy a good time in the tropical waters of North Guanacaste, Is True that a good massage helps, well we will send to best local hands in charge of that in NOSARA .We hope for you to be ready to taste the delicious food and good drinks in our .

Local restaurants that we have for you...
Surf and lots of fun are waiting for you here in Costa Rica.



2) days of Accommodation in Arenal Volcano Lodge
(5) days of Accommodation with breakfast include in Harbor Reef or Harmony Hotel (must Choose)
Hot Springs Waters (Volcano lodge)
Horseback riding, Tarzan Swin and Canopy Tours
Round Trip Transfers from Airport ( San jose-Arenal Arenal Nosara)
(2) Daily Surfing Lessons includes all equipment for 4 days (max 3 students per 1 instructor)
(3) hours of body massage divided into three sections during your stay


Lodging: Harbor Reef Hotel or The Harmony Hotel Nosara
Trasnport (Airport – Nosara) (Nosara-Airport) / Nature Air or Shuttle Van
Car Rentals (Economy)
Local Tours (Waterfalls ¨La Mala Noche¨, Atvs, ¨Ostional¨ Tourtles, Deep Sea Fishing and Canopy tours ¨Miss Sky¨)



Costa Rica is a country located in Central America that has unlimited tourist potential and is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations. One of Costa Rica’s main sources of income is tourism. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country, and it has not had an army since the year 1949.

Although the country is small and it covers only 0.03 % of the surface of the globe, it proudly shelters a 6% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world. 25.58 % of the country is composed of conservation and natural protected territory.

Costa Rica is also an attractive country for investment and it offers great potential for the establishment of important multinational companies, thanks to the outstanding academic level of its population, as well as the high standard of modern services and social and political stability. Costa Rica: A Favorite Country for Surfing

It seems like every surfer who visits the country agrees that Costa Rica it is one of the best places in the world to surf; not by chance, the country is the third most popular destination for this sport after Hawaii and Indonesia. The reasons are simple: beaches with excellent year-round waves, pleasant weather, warm water, friendly people and reasonable prices. Last year, even the biggest surf competition in the world, the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games, took place in Costa Rica with the participation of 35 countries.

To be the host country for the games, Costa Rica beat out countries like Brazil and South Africa, two renowned surf destinations, thanks in part to the increasing

The country is also one of the few in the world where two great oceans are within a 6-hour drive of each other. This makes it possible to wake up for a surf in the Pacific and finish the day riding the Atlantic waves in the afternoon. Definitively, a perfect paradise for surf lovers!