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Selecting the Perfect Surfboard – What to look for

Whether you’ve been surfing for many years or just starting, you need the right board to enjoy the ocean. Investing on the right surfboard will not only make your surfing fun but will also enable you to improve as well as learn a variety of surfing tricks quickly and with limited risks. It is also important to know that surfboards are different, and you can’t find one that is perfect for every surfer regardless of their experience.

If you want to make your surfing fun and safe, it is important that you go through this article carefully to know what you must look for when buying one.

Selecting the perfect surfboard

Evaluate yourself

  • How fit are you? – Just like any sport, surfing requires you to be fit. If not, you will require something that doesn’t force you to use much energy to paddle into the sea waves. If you are not fit enough to survive wild waves, I would suggest that you go for boards with large volume. Here’s what we recommend, go ahead and read old school new body review.
  • How tall and heavy are you? – Often overlooked, weight and height matter a lot when choosing a surfing board. So, before selecting your surfboard, make sure you’ve weighed and measured yourself. Remember, the bigger your body is, the bigger your surfboard should be.
  • What is your skill level? – If you are planning to surf for the first time, you will need a board that is large and much stable. I would suggest a board with approximately, 8-foot length, 20-22 inches wide and 3 to 5 inches thick.

With that taken care of, you will now be required to look for a surfboard that offers features that suit your needs. Here are some tips.

Features to look for

  • Size – Surfing takes skill and experience to perfect. Unfortunately, the smallest boards on the market don’t provide enough stability to keep you on top of the water. If you are an amateur, look for a surfboard that has a significant volume. These kinds of surfboards will allow you to surf small waves easily. The Large size also allows you to surf using your hand which is a perfect way to start learning your surfing.
  • Safety features – Even in the slowest waters, you can always get injured by slipping and falling onto your surfing board. If you haven’t mastered the skills needed to keep you safe in the water, avoid surfboards with hard surfaces. I would suggest boards made using polystyrene foam because it is one of the few materials that combines protection and buoyancy to make your surfing safe.
  • Durability – I believe you are not going to buy your surfboard only to use it once. You’ll need a board that is made using durable materials. In addition to being safe, polystyrene is supple and sturdy and will withstand the harshest waters. Also, if it happens to hit a seabed, chances are limited that it will dent. Unlike many materials, it will take years for it to crack even if you use it more often.

Types of surfboards

  • Shortboard and Longboar – If you go into the market looking for a surfboard, you will come across a short board and a long board. These two types of boards will work well if you are looking for more challenge, as they will perform much better on smaller as well as much bigger waves.
    • Just as the name suggests, the short board is known to be short and narrow. It is among the most common boards, especially in the coast areas. It is easy to handle but requires much skill to paddle through the harshest waves.
    • Longboards, on the other hand, are thick and long, but easy to control than short boards. They make a perfect choice for a surfer who is targeting small waves. Lastly, it allows you to perform a variety of maneuvers as they are easy to balance on and more stable.
  • Gun board – Gun board is intended for surfers targeting huge waves. They allow you to paddle much faster to catch waves that are fast-moving and huge. They are easy to handle at high speeds but requires a surfer who has mastered the technique of surviving through fast-moving and heavy waves.
  • Fish board – Just as the name implies, a fish board is designed to look like a fish. Just like a shortboard, it is short but much wider. Also, it allows you to paddle with much ease and increase your speed through the fast moving waves. For this reason, it is perfect for smaller mushy surf.
  • Fun board – A fun board is much larger than many surfboards on this list, but not when compared to longboards. They make a perfect choice for surfers who want to maintain extra power and stability when paddling while at the same time transitioning to a much smaller surfboard.

Additional tip – Check for price

Just like any product, surfboards come at different prices. But this doesn’t imply that you go for the cheaply priced ones on the market. Just ensure that the surfboard you choose has everything you need and look for a dealer that is offering the best price.


Surfing can be fun, but not when you have the wrong board. Whether you are a pro, an intermediate or an amateur surfer, you need to look for all the features that make a perfect surfing board. Lastly, remember to evaluate yourself to find the board that will fit your needs.


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